Monday, September 1, 2008

Computer Problems...AAAARRRRRHHHHH!!!

I am having computer problems this week. I have been having problems with it since I bought it but I have been procrastinating on taking it in for service & it has finally caught up to me. I cannot even get online right now. I am only writing this via the computer at work. So, I will not be able to post much this week. I plan on taking it to the Geek Squad on Thursday & hopefully it won't take long to fix. I hope to be back to this once again this weekend.

What is really frustrating is that I can't check my email or satisfy my YT addiction or even post my weekly weigh in. I appologize to everyone about this. The most frustrating of all is that I record my food intake or calories using an online site (SparkPeople) so I am having to be very consiensious about what I am eating. Man, this is annoying!

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