Sunday, August 31, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #14: What is your most memorable toy?

Well, I remember so many of them, it is hard to just choose one. I loved my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, especially the smallest one that was pretty much bald except for a little tuft of "hair" (aka, yarn) that stuck straight up.

I also enjoyed my Barbie dolls. There was one that I liked the best. She wasn't quite as tall & had a rounder face making her look a little more heftier that the others. Being an overweight child, I really liked her. She was always athletic, though, particularly in gymnastics & swimming/diving (my favorite sports as a child).

I had some of the My Little Ponies as a kid & also the My Little Pony Dream Castle. The ponies were nice & we played with them every once in awhile but my favorite was the small purple dragon that came with the castle. I loved him. He was so cute. I think I even took him to college with me. I'm sure he is a drawer in my bedroom now. I'm just not sure where. I should look for him sometime.

Kim & I, before really getting into Barbie's, loved playing with our Little People (back when they were only about 1.5 in. tall & didn't have arms or legs). We had a Little People airport & zoo. We had such a good time playing with them.

We also enjoyed playing with our Lego people. Kim got a Lego Disney castle one Christmas which dad spent pretty much all day (maybe more but I can't remember) putting it together while we played with our other stuff. He also built us a roofless Lego house that we played with a lot too. We would occasionally add a floor or make modifications but essentially it stayed the same. I don't know about if you ever had Lego's or if your kids or grand kids ever had them but you know whenever they were brought out at least one small Lego would be left out. Then a few hours or days later you would be walking across the floor barefoot & step on it. The pain of doing that is indescribable. It is like stepping on an ember. You can feel the pain all they way up to your teeth.

Play-Doh was a great invention, wasn't it? We loved it. Just squishing it in your hand & letting the cool creaminess ooze through in between your fingers. Hehe. A great stress reliever. Maybe I should by some now. We had a Play-Doh hair salon & spaghetti factory. Sometimes mom would let us play with it in the dinning room but usually she would set up a folding table outside to use it on. She didn't like it getting on the floor & we were forbidden to take it on to the carpet. Whenever it rained she would back the car out of the carport & let us play with it in there. It was nice when the rain would cool down those hot days & we could hear the rain dripping all around us.

Mom would sometimes build us tents in the music room. She would stretch sheets over the chairs & tables then tape them down or use heavy books to hold them down. We loved running in & out of the shelters playing house. It was great. We would build little rooms. We would use cushions & pillows for beds, place our play dishes in the kitchen, etc... Great fun.

We would spend hours at the dining table putting kid puzzles together, painting in watercolor books (always mixing up our kool-aid cups with our brush water, ick), coloring in coloring books, or working on puzzle books.

Being a kid was great, wasn't it?

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