Friday, September 12, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #18: Did you ever get lost?

To tell you the truth, I have a pretty great sense of direction. I can "feel" north, south, east, & west. I'm also a pretty good map reader. This is probably due to the fact that my parents took us on lots of trips from the time I was only a few months old. My sister & I would stare at the atlas for hours in the back of the car, pretending to navigate for my dad.

I've never actually gotten completely lost. There are a couple of towns that, for some reason, my internal compass cannot get a lock on. One is Orlando, FL & the other is Chautauqua, KS. I know what you are thinking. "Where the heck is Chautauqua, KS?" It is in the southeast corner of KS, just over the border from OK. It is pretty close to Wichita, KS & Tulsa, OK. "Why did I go there?" I went there twice on mission trips when I was in high school. Anyway, these two towns are the only places that I have ever felt turned around in. I wonder if there is some type of increased magnetism or something in the ground or some crazy voo doo or something. :)

One night while driving around downtown Dallas with one of my friends we took the wrong road & couldn't find our way back. We ended up in a part of Dallas where there are now signs in English. I asked her, "How long, exactly, have we been driving?" :) I just stayed on the same road until it ran into I30. I'm not exactly sure how we managed to get to that place but I knew my way back from there so it didn't matter.

I thought MapQuest was a great invention but then there was the GPS. Wow. I thought they were cool but I also thought that as long as I had a map, I wouldn't need one. Well, for my birthday this past April, my parents gave me the money for one. I love it. It is so cool. I'm a gadgety person anyway so I love this kind of stuff.

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