Monday, September 15, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #22: What secret fantasies & games did you have as a child that you told no one about?

Here's one. I use to be obsessed with SeaQuest DSV. It always came on during Sunday night church so I would record it with my handy-dandy VHS recorder & watch it when I got home. This, of course, was in the days that I wanted to be a marine biologist (I should have stuck with that dream, less money, way more fun).

Anyway, I use to imagine living under the sea in a submarine like theirs. It was great. I was this young, genius scientist that the military/government/who ever ran the ship had to have. I astounded all by my intellect, beauty, & grace. I could communicate with the sea creatures in ways no one else could. I always saved the day or was the damsel in distress that was saved by some handsome Lieutenant, Ensign, Commander, or whatever.

Ok, that's enough of embarassing myself. Off to bed.


Nat said...

Now that I've found you (on blogspot nonetheless) I will read :}

kris_tea said...

Thanks...I'll read yours too. Enjoy, but don't hate me if & when I may offend you. Believe me, it is & will never be intentional.