Saturday, September 20, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #27: What do you wish you had started to learn as a kid?

Wow, that's a topic that could go on forever. I guess, right now, I would have to say that I wish I had learned to exercise. I use to ride my bike all the time but I wish I had been on the track team, even if it wasn't for running. Just to be there & force me to exercise. Having said that, I know I would never have done it. It probably would have been much worse than band was. I would have hated the coaches, the team mates, & my parents for making me do it.

When I was going to school at Malta, our PE teacher would make us run a mile every day. I don't think I ever "ran" the whole way. We jogged down this drive way that lead to the parsenage next to the church I attended. If we ran down the driveway then down this hill to the barbed wire fence & came back, that was 1/4 of a mile. We had to do that 4 times before we could go play. At one point, we were out of her site once we went down the hill. Most of us "non-athletic" types would stand just under the hill until we had caught our breath. I know that sounds harsh for children but I really wish I had kept it up. I know though that even if I could go back & tell my younger self everything I know now, my younger self would not listen.

Other things I wish I had learned is: to like writing; there are mean people in this world but their opinion of you matters very little, there will be people who truly like you one day; learning is fun; ice cream is a great once a week treat not an everyday treat; to be a neater person; to cook amazing low-calorie meals; to like & eat less processed foods; water tastes great; etc...

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