Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #17: Did you have your own telephone growing up, or any other special privileges?

Yes, I had my own telephone. I can't remember at what age I got it though. I was pretty young. In fact, it is still my primary phone. I'm on my 3rd cordless phone since moving out here 4 yrs ago but that oval, bluish gray & white phone is still working great. I love that phone. I never was a big phone person growing up. At least not like a lot of girls. Part of this was, just about everyone I knew was long distance. In, I think it was Jr. High, New Boston & DeKalb were merged & no longer long distance. Later, all of Bowie County was merged. I still wasn't a big phone talker though & really, I'm not much of one now either.

Another privilege I had was I had my own TV & VCR in my room. I watched that sucker all the time. I still have them because they still work just fine but I don't have either of them plugged in. I don't want to get ride of, at least the TV, in case I ever move into a house & want one in another room. My parents said getting them for us was a mistake because we (mainly me) would hide out in our rooms all the time.

I also had a stereo, which I still have & use from time-to-time. It still works great with the exception that the light behind the station numbers does not work. That means you really have no idea what station you are listening too. You can kind of see it if you get right up to it then angle your head just a bit so the room lights kind of bounce off of it just right. The remote doesn't work either or at least I don't think it does & to be honest, I'm not really sure where it is.

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