Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok, so I went to Best Buy yesterday & talked to a geek at the Geek Squad desk. He checked the computer over & found that there wasn't any viruses or at least their software didn't find any viruses on the computer but it was obviously a software corruption issue. He said that my warranty didn't cover software issues (of course). He told me to do a system restore by reinstalling my OS (operating system) & all my drivers & other software (sheesh). He told me that if I had any problems with that I could bring it back up to them & they could do it but it would cost around $120. So, yesterday afternoon that is what I was doing. I finally got everything on there & it was working great. Then this morning I go up & it said that a Trojan had been found & to restart my computer to complete the removal. Ok, fine, easy enough right? Wrong! I couldn't get my computer to come up completely. It would come up saying something about a memory dump or something like that then it would say that the computer was not shut down properly & did I want to start in "safe mode." I tried restarting it in every mode available & it would just come back to the same screen so I ended up having to re-reinstall everything. AAAARRRRHHHH!!!! Technology hates me!

Well, I think everything is okay now. I hope at least. I didn't download a lot of the toolbars & such that I use to use because the geek told me that all that stuff makes your computer more vulnerable. I just installed the basic stuff & so far so good. I hate to say that & jinx myself so..."knock on wood." Does anyone else out there get the feeling that technology is getting less & less reliable? If any of you out there are computer nerds & have any suggestions I am more than happy to hear them. I'm not going to lie to you & say I will do every smart thing because, let's get serious, I'm a moron & have a hard time even learning from experience but I would love to hear what you have to say anyway. :)

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