Monday, September 22, 2008

Cats...Which is Archie?

Dad, this is for you.

Here is a picture of a Persian cat.

And here is what I think Archie is. It is called a Ragdoll. Looks a lot like him, doesn't it?

Here's Archie.....

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The Ragdoll is a newer breed of cat, that quickly gained popularity in North America because it was said to be more placid and "floppy", than other breeds. As a newer breed the color initially was limited to being color point with white on the toes and face, but by genetically limiting colors, the breed was being weakened, and other colors are now accepted. I am not endorsing this breed as a specialty breed, it has come to be known that this breed was not as "floppy" as they were initially said to be. They are pretty, but close attention should be made to avoid getting one that is excessively inbred to avoid the genetic problems that are present in the breed. They are a quiet cat who does well to be kept indoors only.

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mellowyellow821 said...

I need your email so I can add you to my readers for my blog. :)

kris_tea said...

I'll send it too you through your YT account. I don't really want to post it here for obvious reasons. I was thinking all day that I wanted to send you an email but I didn't have your address so send me yours to. :)

Great minds think alike. Hehe.

Sharon said...

i think he is a ragdoll cross. he isn't a pure bred as his markings and colours aren't right for a pure bred. does he have the personality of a ragdoll? look up a raggamuffin. if his fur is textured like rabbit fur then he definitely has ragdoll in him somewhere! he is really sweet:)
i have a ragdoll they are wonderful pets! :)

kris_tea said...

He is extremely sweet. I'm sure he is a mix of something, even if he doesn't have any ragdoll in him. I just posted this because my dad kept saying he was Persian & I kept telling him he wasn't & he wouldn't believe me. Archie is very floppy when I pick him up & I could swing him around upside down if I wanted & I don't think he would mind. :)