Saturday, September 20, 2008

Movie Review: Burn After Reading

Ok, I saw Burn After Reading last night. I had such high hopes for this movie even after watching some of the reviews of it on TV that weren't so great. I thought, "Usually when they review movies, I have the opposite opinion that these guys have.

The movie was okay, I guess. It was different, that's for sure, which can be refreshing at times. I was happy that I had a free movie pass though. :)

There are some really hilarious parts (mainly due to Brad) but the whole story, in my opinion, could have been way better. I thought the acting, especially Brad & George's acting, was really good but the story just kind of fell flat.

This is definitely one you can skip. If you absolutely have to see it, I would suggest waiting until it hit video. I didn't "hate" the film but I certainly don't care to see it again. I'd give it a "D," maybe a "C-."

******** Warning: Spoiler alert, kind of, what I say below is really not a spoiler but I do talk about something that is in the film. **********

Just as a warning, the "F" word was dropped about a billion times (lack of creativity & a thesaurus, in my opinion), there is quite a lot of bed hopping but nothing is every really seen (just implied &, once, heard), there is a scene with a sex machine but it is only seen & not actually uses, & there is some very graphic violence (you actually see a gunshot to the head & an incident with a hatchet). If you are sensitive to language or violence, especially very explicit gunshots to the head, I would strongly recommend choosing another movie.

Here is Christianity Today: Movies' review of the film.

The following are their discussion questions:

1. What motivates each of these characters to act the way they do? Do any of them have honorable motives? Can we learn anything from characters who behave poorly, who don't have honorable motives?

2. Do any of the characters seem to learn anything? Do any of them change?

3. What attitude toward humanity does the movie seem to take? Is it a fair viewpoint?

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