Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, so I'm not headed off to bed just quiet yet. Let's get real. I'll probably procrastinate for another hour or so.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you a bit about my day. First, at work last night the hospital bought us pizza. Ok, now this would normally sound like a nice thing to do, especially for the night shift who gets shafted on just about everything, but, don't these people know I'm trying to eat right & loose weight?! Didn't they get the memo?! It is a conspiracy, I know. They are try to sabotage me, but it won't work! Ok, so maybe it worked a little but I didn't go crazy. I did have 2 slices. I have estimated it to be about 300 calories per slice, so that's a total of 600 calories. That's okay though. I've done very well today on my eating. I've only had approx. 1290 cal. today & I'm about to go to bed. I try to keep my cal. range between 1200 & 1400 most days. Some days I get less but I very rarely go over that. I may have another snack right before bed but it won't be more than 100 - 110 calories, so I'll still be within my range. The first slice of pizza was okay but I decided to have another later. After that second piece, I did not want another. I just wanted it to go away. I don't know if it was the grease or if I had just had enough or what but I felt like crap afterward. Blech!

I did day 3 of week 3 of the C25K program. This has definitely been the hardest week, with the doubling of running time to a bad case of posterior shin splints to my right calf muscle killing me the last day or so, but I got through it. Not only that, today was much easier than day 1 of this week. It was far from easy but it certainly wasn't as bad. I may repeat this week, though. From most of the forums I've talked to people on about this, most people seem to have the hardest time going from W3 to W4. Apparently, the total running time is greatly increased on W4. I haven't really looked that closely at it & I'm too lazy & tired to check it out right now. Anyway, I may try it on Tuesday & see what happens & decide from there.

That brings me to my new schedule. In one of my recent videos I posted what my new exercise schedule would be but I think I'm going to change it up just a bit.
What I'm thinking now is:
Mon - elliptical &/or maybe a spinning class (I haven't gotten the guts yet but I nearly did went in on last Mon, maybe I'll dare it this week)
Tues - C25K &, maybe, elliptical
Wed - strength training with trainer & elliptical
Thur - C25K &, maybe, elliptical
Fri - strength training with trainer & C25K
I may also do some light strength training at home, on my own on either Sat, Sun, or Mon.

The thing about the spinning class is that I really think I will like it & I know it is a heck of a workout. However, when I peaked in the class on Mon, everyone in there were quite fit. That kind of scared me away. Not to mention, I want to show up early in order to get a bike in the back but away from the window too & there are only 1 or 2 of those. I would love to talk to the teacher first but I probably won't. I also doubt I will be able to stay the entire hour that the class schedules for. I know people come & go in those classes but I would like to have a quick get-away in case 911 has to be called.

On to another I tried on some jeans last weekend (I only had 2 pair that fit) & they kept falling down so much that they were uncomfortable, so I ended up putting back on my other pair that seem to be just a slight bit smaller. Anyway, I decided it was time to find a new pair. I didn't want to spend a ton of money so I went to Old Navy. I found a pair I liked & grabbed a 16. I found another style & grabbed a 14 in them because there were no 16 & just because I was curious. I tried on the 14's first. They actually came all the way up & buttoned & zipped. They actually weren't uncomfortable at all. So, yay! I'm almost a 14! I didn't get them because I didn't like the style (I totally had a ghetto booty going on & I really don't have booty at all). As I was headed to the checkout counter, I saw some more styles. I grabbed a 16 & 14 in them & ran back to the dressing room. I hate trying on clothes so you know I was really curious. Anyway, neither pair fit. I got the 16's up & buttoned but they looked like they had been painted on me. Why is it stores can't get it together with their sizes? Anyway, I bought the 16 in the first style that I tried on & I love them. I haven't been this size in at least 5 - 7 years. Another exciting aspect of this trip was the jean's tag said $34 but they rang up for $21. Booya! Oh, yeah, I'm loving the savings.

After, getting the jeans, I decided to run over to the mall & get some new running shoes. I have falling arches & really need some arch support, especially when running. The pair I had were just some $30 - $40 cheepo New Balance (I know they are a good brand but they also put out some cheap crap) with absolutely no support or cushion. No wonder I've had a problem with shin splints. I ran into Lady Footlocker first & the pair (Nike) the lady suggested they did not have my size in so she brought me a pair of Nike's in their new style, Shox. Ok, so I know they aren't exactly new but I've been out of the "fitness loop" for, oh, I don't know, ever, so they are new to me. I really liked them at first but told her I wanted to check another couple of stores before I decided. I walked down a bit to the Champs store. I was looking at the Shox while I waited to be helped. I noticed that the base under the "shox" was a thin piece of hard plastic. This looked very cheap & I just knew the first rock I stepped on would render them useless. I told the salesman that I needed a good running shoe with a good arch support. He suggested the pair that I was originally looking at the Lady Footlocker. He then told me that they were way more durable than the Shox. I ended up with the shoes he suggested. I love them but I've never spent so much money on a pair of shoes in my life. $102 by the time tax & everything was added in. Aaaaarrhhh! I knew I needed them though so I practically threw my credit card at him. I wore them out of the store & love, love, love them. I told my dad that I felt like sprinting through the parking lot. I may have to try them out tomorrow. I wasn't planning on running but I kind of want to see what the difference will be like.

So, boo on pizza, yay on the rest of my diet, boo on screwed up sizes, yay on 16s & a new pair of pants, boo on spending a lot of money, & yay for new shoes. Later. It's bed time.

FYI: I ate exactly 1400 calories for the day. Not bad for a day with real, full calorie/fat pizza, if I do say so myself.

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