Friday, September 19, 2008

New Blog: Food Journal

I've decided to start a new blog just for my food/exercise journal. I have several friends that do this & thought I would try it out too. I've had a few people interested in what I eat & do. Whenever I'm asked this, my mind blanks out & I'm like, "" So, I've decided to see how this works out. It may only last a few days or weeks but we'll see.

It is with another blog service, Vox. I'm just testing it out. I absolutely love Blogger (aka Blog Spot) so I'm definitely not leaving it. The only reason I signed up with this other site is I was trying to leave a comment on one of my friend's blogs & it wouldn't let me unless I was a member. Stupid site. That is pretty much the reason why I left Xanga in the first place & now, here I am, doing it again with another site just like it. I obviously did not think this one through, did I? So, I joined & thought I would try it out for a while & see how it is. If I end up not likeing it much, I'll move it over to Blogger & update you guys.

I currently use to track my food & exercise but I don't think it is that accessible to the general public so I'm going to try this.

Anyway, I'm just listing the foods with the calories out beside it. I update it throughout the day so if you go there during the middle of the day & it looks like I haven't eaten anything, it is because I haven't finished it for that day. Also, keep in mind my nutty schedule. I will put a total of calories at the top when I am finished with that day.

So, if you're interested, enjoy, if not, that's fine too.

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