Saturday, August 2, 2008

Salsa: To Dip or Not To Dip (Part II)

Ok, so, did I go? Did I have fun? Did I dance the night away?

Well, yes, I went. But, the answer to the next two questions are a little more difficult. On the fun factor, it was okay. I didn't get asked to dance but that was actually a good thing. My sis & her friend, Lauren, did dance with several guys while Marsha (another friend) & I watched and awkwardly shimmied in place a bit. Marsha was asked to dance several times but she, like me, was not comfortable with the whole idea.

I was not the fattest one there (even though I felt like it) but our little group was the most modestly dressed. When I got home, I looked in the mirror & salsa-ed a little to see how stupid I actually looked & I didn't look that bad at all. For the first time in my life, I'm actually starting to think I actually look somewhat attractive, maybe even, dare I say it, sexy. Even though I say that & feel that way when I am at home, when I get out into these public situations my demons start whispering in my ear once again & the memory of the mirror is banished for the image of my body image dysmorphia. The being asked to dance thing was actually, more than likely, my own fault. First off, I was very uncomfortable just being there to begin with & I know that people can often sense that. And, secondly, when ever a guy did look my way I would quickly look else where & pretend that I never noticed him.

When I was in my first year at college, we use to go to the club & frat parties all the time & I was always dancing, but it is really weird now. During finals week of my last semester of my freshman year, we went to a frat party just about every night of that last week & since then I haven't wanted to go clubin', partyin', or bar hopping since. I guess I just got it all out of my system during that year. I guess that is a good thing.

My poor sister did have the "undesirable" chasing after her the whole night. This weirdo asked her to dance & she did, not knowing he was a weirdo at the time. He was not a good dancer. He pretty much "threw" her around. It was quite hilarious but she certainly didn't want to do that again. Then, after that, we would move to another part of the restaurant to avoid him, &, after a few mins, here he came. Again, quite hilarious but annoying at the same time.

So, will I do it again? More than likely, not. The best time of the whole dancing portion of the night was when we all took a break & went out onto the patio & just talked. Having said that, if we brought a few guy friends along with us, I might go back. I don't know, this just isn't my scene anymore. I guess I'm getting old or something. What I need to do is find me a bunch of computer geeks or gamers & get in with that crowd. That's right, I'm weird. I like the nerd life style. Sit at home, play a game, watch a movie, not have some sweaty weirdo getting all "up in my space." :) Boring, yet way more comfortable for me.

On a somewhat separate note, we ended up eating at T.G.I. Fridays. I had the, I think it was called, Firecracker Chicken. It was a grilled chicken breast with a spicy sauce on a bed of rice with steamed broccoli. The chicken was ok. I probably wouldn't get it again though. The rice I didn't like but I'm not sure why. And, as usual, I didn't eat the broccoli. There were only 400 or so calories in the whole thing & I didn't even eat all of it so, I did really well, especially for how hungry I was.

So, in all, I had a great time hanging out with Kim, Marsha, & my new friend, Lauren. All great gals. So salsa dancing isn't my thing. That's okay. Dancing isn't for everyone. YouTube vlogging isn't really for them. Everybody has their hobbies & past times that they enjoy but others may not. Everybody is different. That is one of the great things about life. If everybody looked alike & did the same things, this would be a very boring, Orwellian life. I'm thankful for such a diverse world that we live in. I'm thankful that I am different.

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work2Bthin said...

You are so pretty and I wish that I had been there cuz we would have "salsa'd" the night away!! Next time call me cuz I will get a sitter and come!