Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Cute for Words: Kito & his trusty pal

Kito and his furry friend

This is Kito, a Kinkajou that lives with his boss Jodie in Aberdeen, Scotland. Kito was a bit lonely after being taken from his parents, but he has found a great friend in his toy lemur, which Jodie bought for him at a charity shop.
Pet shop owner Jodie, 29, said: "Kito treats the lemur like his best friend. He washes it like a little brother or sister and is always trying to feed it fruit.
"Whenever someone new comes into the house he sticks his lemur out of the cage to act as a guard. He’s convinced it’s real."
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A rare pet is so lonely in his new Scottish home that he's been forced to adopt a cuddly toy as his best pal.

Lonely ... cute Kito is the only kinkajou in Scotland

Kinkajous, also known as honey bears, are native to Mexico and Brazil. Jodie,
of Aberdeen, bought 15-week-old Kito for £2,000 after his previous owner
became ill.

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