Friday, August 22, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #5: What did you hide from your parents?

Question #5: What did you hide from your parents?

Oh, I have a great one for this. My mom loves telling this story. When I was a kid I hated taking vitamins (I still do, something I'm working hard at trying to change). There was not one kind that I would take. I finally came up with an ingenious idea of putting the thing in my mouth, running to my room, & hiding it in my nightstand drawer. I don't know why I didn't just throw them away or flush them down the toilet. I guess I wasn't as smart as I would like to imagine, or, maybe, I thought completely destroying them would be even to malicious or rebellious & karma would be back to bite me in the butt. Either way, a small mountain began to grow in my drawer of deceit.

Also, as a child (& adult) cleaning was not my favorite past time. One night my mom was cleaning my room (I guess she had given up on trying to get me to do it that day). She started cleaning out my drawers too. As she removed the treasures of doll clothes, drawings, & other small goodies children prize she reached a collection of half dissolved, once wet chewable vitamins.

I remember her coming into the living room announcing what she had found & me being embarrassed & scared I would have to eat them all in one sitting but I don't remember really getting in trouble over this. Probably due to the fact she probably found it to be one of the more hilarious things she had ever seen. I sure keeping a straight face during that should have won her the Oscar for best female performance that year.

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