Sunday, August 24, 2008

News: "Biden got Obama call during wife's root canal"

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Biden got Obama call during wife's root canal

Sat Aug 23, 10:48 PM ET

DENVER - Joe Biden got the call from Barack Obama while accompanying his wife as she was getting a root canal.

As he waited in the dentist office Thursday, Biden's cell phone rang with the presidential candidate's invitation to be his running mate.

It capped a six-week process of elimination that always pointed in Biden's direction even if the Delaware lawmaker couldn't believe he would actually be the pick.

Biden said he would and submitted the requisite paperwork to the vetting committee, but was skeptical that it would ever happen. A longtime friend who requested anonymity to speak freely said Biden wouldn't allow himself to believe he was in serious consideration because his hopes and expectations had been beaten down so much by such a miserable showing in the Democratic presidential race.

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