Saturday, August 30, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #13: Who did you think was the smartest person in the world?

This is a tough question. I know it is referring to who did I, as a child, think was the smartest person because it is in the Childhood & School section of my book but I don't really remember. I guess I would say as a kid I probably though my dad was the smartest person. He seems to have an answer for everything. It really gets annoying sometimes. :) I use to think he was just acting like a smart Alec but he usually, not always, but usually he turns out to be right.

I don't know who else I would have said as a kid. I don't really remember thinking much about it back then. I guess, Solomon (from the Bible) was a pretty smart guy. Hehe.

I googled "world's smartest person" & it came back with a few interesting responses. One is the Guiness Book of World Records naming of Marilyn vos Savant as the person with the highest IQ. Michael (Mic) Tienken named himself "The World's Smartest Person" to prove to his son that he was the smartest person on earth while helping him with his homework. Very cute. Stephen Hawking has also been deemed by many as the smartest person. The International High IQ Society held a contest to name the "Smartest Person in the World." The contest ran for several months and 1,780 people from 34 different countries submited their answers. In the end, Andy Nierman from Washington (state) won the contest.

I would also mention Einstein, Ben Franklin, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Blaise Pascal, Martin Luther, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the scientist working on the Manhattan Project, among others. (For a list of smart people, including these, visit here.)

But really, if you take every person ever to have been on earth, excluding all aliens that may or may not have visited this plant, I would have to say Jesus was the smartest. Okay, you can throw in the aliens with that census. I'm sure, that being God & having created the earth, universe, & everything in them including all aliens & earthlings, he must be the smartest person to have been on earth. Some will say that he was God & so that excludes him. However, he was human in all forms at the same time so I included him.

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