Friday, August 29, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #12: Was there anything unusual about your birth?

Well, yes, a few things. First, my mom was over due by 2 weeks then she was in labor for 24 hrs. The doctor apologized later, telling them that he should have done a C-section earlier.

The nurses who were monitoring my heart beat kept telling mom that I was going to be a boy. Maybe that had to do with what I'll mention later on in this entry.

Another thing that happened was during the last two weeks I must have flipped & so I was presenting face up instead of face down. As a result, they had to use the forceps to flip me over before the delivery.

Also, my mom actually had gas (aka, was sedated) & my dad got to see me before her. The first time she saw me I was in the incubator & they warned her I might have a cone head for a few hours due to the forceps. She said that I kept falling asleep while she was trying to nurse me & they kept telling her to pat me on the feet. Mom still likes to tease that I must have never really gotten over the gas since I like to sleep so much.

Mt. St. Helens had been erupting the week before & (due to the extra ash in the atmosphere, in my opinion) it decided to snow on April 12 or 13 (I can't remember if it was before I was born or after). My dad actually had to leave the hospital to go home to cover his tomato plants. Imagine it snowing in Texas in the middle of April (it actually did that this past year & the year before that, crazy, I know). I like to use those two occurrences to say I wanted to announce my arrival. Hehe.

The last unusual thing isn't really about the birth itself but of 2 week later. At my two week check up, the pediatrician heard a heart murmur. He scheduled an appointment for me at Children's Medical Center in Dallas in 2 weeks from that time & told my parents to watch & make sure I didn't start turning blue. Can you imagine how freaked out they must have been?

During the tests done at Children's, they discovered I had a ventricular septal defect. That is where a hole exists between the right & left ventricles of the heart. I continued to go to Children's every 2 years until I became an adult. They didn't want to do surgery because they thought it might close during puberty, which it didn't. When I turned 18 or 20 I had my last appointment with them & they told me to find an adult cardiologist in the next 4 or 5 years. It was about 8 - 10 years before I did this.

This past April, after a year of experiencing a few palpitations & finally deciding to start taking care of myself, I made an appointment with a cardiologist here. They did an echo (an ultrasound of the heart), an EKG (or ECG, same thing), & just listened. He told me everything looked fine. He wanted me to come back in a year for another check up & to go to his other office in October for another echo since their machine in their Lewisville office wasn't their best machine (I suspect this has more to do with me being well endowed up top making it harder to penetrate all my tissues than with the quality of their machine). I'm probably going to cancel the October appointment since I'm no longer having palpitations & haven't had any other problems & since my last appointment cost over $1,000 (charging me about $300). I do plan on keeping the yearly appointment unless I move away & even then I will find another doctor. This time I won't wait so long.

Every since I've started having my teeth cleaned by a dentist, I've had to take antibiotics to prevent an infection settling in my heart. However, new research has pretty much done away with this practice. Yippee! Taking those horrible tasting pills was one of my worst childhood experiences. Blech! Of course, as I got older they started offering gel caps which made the experience much easier.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up my birth. Talk to you tomorrow. :)

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