Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Amazing Planet: Spider webs

Ok, I'm a huge a arachnophobe, but I can't say that these aren't beautiful. The "mass" or communal webs really freak me out though. Those two pics I believe are the 2 creepiest pics I've ever seen.

Spider Webs Glamour & Architecture

The above is a “fluffy” web taken in a park in Holland. It isn’t actually an attempt to take over the world but works as a kind of obstacle course. Its intention is to confuse insects and make them more likely to get trapped. It also helps the spider avoid being lunch for its enemies, such as wasps and birds.
Sometimes, many spiders will build webs together. The above is a beautiful picture but gives no real impression of the real size to which group webs can grow. Try the one below!
This giant communal spider web was photographed in Texas and measured over one hundred and eight meters in length. Entomologists think that it may be the results of socialization, with spiders deliberately building webs in unison that merge in to one giant net (for elephants possibly?). However, scientists have no real idea whether the spiders are working in a “Borg” like way or it is simply accidental.

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