Thursday, August 21, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #4: How did you rebel as a child?

Question #4: How did you rebel as a child?

I'm sure my parents can answer this one better but, to be honest, I really can't think of anything. I was a goody-two-shoes growing up (still am if I'm going to be completely honest) compared to most of my peers.

I never went to parties (except my high school graduation night & prom & even there I was boring) much to my disappointment, never drank or smoked or did any kind of drug harder than Advil. We didn't have a curfew because my mom was afraid we would drive dangerously trying to get home before time ran out. We just had to call before we came home & we knew to keep it at a reasonable time which, as far as I know, we did pretty well at. I didn't sleep around or at all, for that matter. I didn't sneak out at night (too afraid of the critters outside &, really, where would I go?). I was always too afraid to disappoint my parents, to do anything too bad.

I guess the main way I would rebel is by not keeping my room clean. But really that wasn't rebelling that is just being lazy, which is still a major character flaw for me. I did listen to my rock & roll a little too loud at times but, granted, most of it was Christian. Well, I did, ahem, still do, own a Green Day album(Nimrod) (guilty of owning two now...I don't like American Idiot as well, though). Other than that, I would have to say not studying as hard a I could & again it wasn't that I was trying to "stick it to the man," I just preferred to watch TV.

I know my parents read this blog so maybe they can let me know of more but right now I really can't think of anything. I guess I was more of a "want to be" rebel. I always wanted to go against the norm (still do) but was just too afraid to.

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Honey Santina said...

pierced ears, radically colored hair, going out late, usualy teenager stuff. hahaha. probably my greatest rebellion is that i'm the only fat child X D