Monday, August 25, 2008

Noise & a bit of positive stuff...great title, I know

It is quite possible that I may murder some people this week. There are a bunch of "carpenters" working on the exterior of the buildings of our apartment buildings. Thank the Lord for head phones. I think when I go to Wal-Mart tomorrow I may buy a package of ear plugs. I've thought of doing this before but I do need to be able to hear my alarm clock when it is time to go to work & that makes me nervous. Especially since yesterday I had a nightmare that I was 1.5 hrs late for work. I kept looking at the clock while I was getting ready for work worried that I wasn't reading it properly.

Ok, here I better add a disclaimer. I can hear my mother now telling me I shouldn't say that I may kill someone. So, for any of you who think I was being serious let me reassure you that I was joking. I believe murder is very rarely the answer to a problem.

Alright, so what else? Oh yeah, so my AC was finally fixed & cleaned & the carpet guys finally finished everything they had to do. However, last night I walked into the bathroom & the rug closest to the toilet was damp. I heard a dripping sound every few seconds. I finally traced it to a pipe in the back of the toilet just under the reservoir (or whatever it is called). I really don't want to deal with it until maybe Thurs. or Fri. so I just stuck a small bowl under there for now. Arrrrhhh!!! This place is falling apart. I'm afraid that the people in the office will just see me as a complainer or that I'm causing these problems. Really, what do I care what they think? Most of the appliances are older than I am so why shouldn't they be craping out.

Ok, enough complaining. Here's a few positive notes. First, I got back onto my cardio today after not doing any for about 2 weeks due to my respiratory infection (I still cough a little but it is tolerable). I got on the elliptical for about 15 min before I was to work out with my trainer. It was not hard at all. I was having so much fun on it (relative fun of course, I'm sure lying in a hammock next to a mountain stream or playing at Disney would be way more fun but this was fun for working out). I was going so fast on it today. I started noticing my heart really beating so I decided to check my heart rate. I was running around 170 - 175; way above the "red zone" & way higher than I've ever been able to get it. I only stayed there for about the last 3 min but afterwards I asked my trainer what was too high for me. He did some type of calculation & said that 170 is pretty much the cut off for me & I should probably keep it in the 150's & 160's, which is where I usually keep it. I was pretty thrilled about being able to get it that high in the first place, though. After working out with him, I did another 35 min on the elliptical keeping it in the 150-160 range. I actually had to kind of work at restraining myself at first. Amazing.

The second thing is Brian (my trainer) keeps talking about how great my endurance/stamina is. Imagine that. Me, Miss I-Can't-Do-It-Never-Exercises-Can't-Stick-To-Anything, Kristy has endurance. You couldn't have convinced me a year ago or ever in my life that I would be doing what I am doing. Blows my mind. This just proves that God works miracles. He's working one in my life every day.

Third, keeping on the exercise topic, I realized today that after leaving the gym, I'm always in a better mood. Stupid, Dallas drivers don't tick me off near as much. Work issues are less annoying. I smile more at people & feel more confident.

Ah, confidence. I'm going to leave you on not quite as good of a note as I thought, but it is funny. There is this girl at the gym who annoys the crap out of me. I've seen her every time I've been in the gym since day one. The first few times I worked out there I noticed her staring at me with the weirdest expression on her face. Maybe she had just finished doing a few really difficult reps or maybe she had to toot, but it left me feeling really odd & self-conscious. You know how you can get "vibes" from people sometimes? Well, she just strikes me as a not-very-nice person. I always get the feeling that she is judging me & wondering why such a fat person would be there or that she is motivated by me so she never looks like me. I know these are probably paranoid, irrational thoughts but still, that's what I feel. My thought, though, is, for someone who works out so much you would think she would look way better. Don't get me wrong, the girl looks great but you would think she was some kind of body builder or something by how much she is there. Just a thought. ........ Now who's judging? Forgive me. :)

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