Thursday, August 28, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #11: Do you have any siblings?

Yes, Kim is her name. Actually it is Kimberly Rena (pronounced Re-nay). She is 2.5 years younger than me. She is smart, a hard worker, determined, beautiful, a musician (she plays the piano, guitar, french horn, & is now learning the harmonica & banjo), almost a dentist, adventurous, bold, independent (to a point), a Christian, probably a future missionary, loves kids & is good with them, drives too close to the car in front of her, likes English peas mixed with macaroni & cheese (gross), loves everything Disney (a requirement in our family), likes Christian rock music, likes Christian romance novels, gets frustrated fairly easily at times (usually when she hasn't had enough sleep), likes to fish, loves the mountains, loves the western US, is my travel companion of choice, speaks German, has been to London & Germany, wears glasses, a leader, sings beautifully & writes music, is beginning to gain an appreciation of dogs (particularly the larger breeds), wore the poofiest dresses & hair in elementary school, did not wear jeans until jr. high or high school, went to college at Baylor University, use to eat a ton of cheese but has cut back now, pink use to be her favorite color (I think it is blue now), was scared to jump off the diving board when we were in swimming class as kids & hated getting her face wet, has finally become a The Office addict like myself, doesn't like to take medicine, loves to do athletic things but doesn't really have the time right now, wanted to be an air traffic controller or a cop that directed street traffic when she was a kid (I wanted to be the dentist), wants to adopt a child from every continent one day (I guess she'll adopt a penguin from Antarctica),.....I could go on for a while...but I'm getting tired.

She's coming back on Sunday from Alaska. She has been in Barrow, AK for almost 2 weeks now somewhat interning. She wants to work for the Native American Health Services (I think that's what they are called) when she graduates this spring. She really wants to be located in AK too. So far she is loving it up there. She has had her share of mishaps, adventures, & tragedy while there but that is the life of AK. It is much like the old west of yesteryear.

I love my sister. She's my best friend. We argue a lot but we are sisters & that is what sisters do but when other people treat her badly, it really gets my blood pressure going. I'm not a confrontational person, but I guess I've got this "big sister/brother" gene in me that wants the fight the person who is giving her a hard time no matter if it is some friend of her's, a teacher, a patient, some kid, a body builder, a wimp, I'll take them all on. The weird part is that I don't think I've always felt this way. It just seems to have come on in the last 5 or so years. Interesting?

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Kim said...

wow...thanks sis. that was awesome. you'll need to write my resume someday... while reading your compilation of me i was laughing so loud my hotel neighbor probably heard. the walls here in barrow are paper thin. that was great. :)