Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Can Worship Anywhere

Most all Christians know little truths like this, but, as I am learning, just because you know something doesn't necessarily mean you actively believe it or that it is "real" to you. This even goes with little things I've been told all my life about loosing weight/exercise/health.

So, today, about 45 min into my hour of cardio (that's right, I said an hour, who would have ever thought I would do anything physical, voluntarily for an hour?), sweating like I had just stepped out of a shower, panting like a dog but still "walking" on the elliptical, TobyMac's song, "Made to Love" came on my MP3 player. I love this song & the words are simple but pretty much sum up our purpose here on Earth.

I usually have some type of emotion when it comes on, but today I heard/felt something differently in it. I usually focus on the words "made to love" in the song, & how God made me so he could love me & I could love him. But today, I focused on the word "made." I was made by God. He purposefully sat down (I guess God sits, I'm not really sure), & painstakingly formed every aspect of me. My appearance, my temperament, my emotions, the way I express myself, my desires, my likes, my dislikes, & considered every part of my life. Out of all the "more important" people in the world, the "more important" situations, he took time to design & create me like an architect building a building or artist painting a painting or sculptor sculpting a sculpture (that sounds funny) or a carpenter building what ever. When you really start to understand that (as well as we humans can) it is, for lack of a better word, awe inspiring, indescribable, earth shattering (non of the words are what I wanted to say but my mind is telling me it is time for bed).

Anyway, back to the title of this entry. There I was "peddling" away on the elliptical in all my sweaty glory listening to this amazing song when I had to worship Him. I had my eyes closed, my head slightly back, & my thumb & forefinger slightly raised (I didn't want to let go of the handles for fear of falling not to mention I would probably get kicked out for acting like a lunatic, also, that is not my typical worship style). It was different, amazing, short but great. So, moral of this story, Kristy learned another simple truth that she should have learned years ago. :)

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