Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weigh In # 15 & Lucky 7's Video 3

Weight loss: -2 lbs
Total loss: -29.75 lbs

Lucky 7's loss: 1 lb

7 Reasons I want to loose weight & get fit
1. Health
2. Look & feel good (physically & mentally)
3. Shopping
4. Travel
5. Outdoors activities
6. Inspiration to myself & others
7. Family

Please excuse the lack of energy in this video. I was extremely tired, this was my third take (obviously I could never cut it as an actress), & I was/am extremely sore from Monday's workout. I kind of scared of tomorrows workout.

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fairyflutters said...

I have a written blog, too. I'm linking you to the one that's not about my weightloss though so be warned. ;)

Love that pic on the left of you w/ the big sunglasses! I'd totally be friends w/ you if we knew each other in real life.

I love that cat. Mine is not that lovable. I also love that you didn't declaw him. Mine is declawed and I regret doing that to her. :(