Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Found Something!

I've been finding things on my body lately that I have never had. Don't get worried about me though. They are muscles! No, really, Kristy has muscles! I started noticing a calf muscle a couple of weeks ago & then a bit of firmness on the top of my thighs.

I had great calf muscles when I was in college living in Fayetteville but these are different. My Fayetteville calves were one large bump from the back of my knee to about half way down my leg but these are different. There are two; one on the outer part & one on the inner with a little /\ in the middle. Definition, I like that. Then today I was resting my legs on my foot rest with my computer in my lap & I tensed up the tops of my legs & my computer nearly fell off my lap. I started looking at the top of my tensed up thigh & there was this big bump on top. Wow. I was very excited. I have also started noticing when I press in at the top of my abdomen I can feel ab muscles under all that flab & I'm starting to get that line on my arm showing I'm growing a bicep. This is all very exciting for me. I've never had muscles like this. It is amazing.

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