Friday, July 11, 2008

My new books

Last weekend I ordered several books that either as questions or ask you to make lists of certain things. I received one of the books today. It is called List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery. Now I am not one of those that believe in a lot of the new age psychobabble that is out there but I thought this would be an interesting way to get me to journal more. And, who knows, maybe I'll learn a little more about myself or at least how to articulate what I feel inside. Verbal expression is not necessarily one of my gifts. I always seem to come off as a snob, judgmental, angry, or just an old fashioned B. I've come to the realization, due mainly to a book I am doing in one of my church small groups (People Pleasing: How not to be an "approval junkie" by Lou Priolo) that I am, most definitely, a people pleaser, & this is not a good thing. In fact it is a sin, an expression of pride. So maybe these books will help me to convey my feelings & thoughts more clearly.

I actually got these books to help with my singles small group that a friend & I are trying to start at my church. I was telling another friend at work about these books the other day & she got very excited. Her brother is in jail, or prison, & she has started sending him questions that she wants him to consider & journal. She was excited that I was getting these books so she can now have more questions for him to answer. It makes me feel good that I may play a small role in helping my friend's brother. I don't know if he will take any of this seriously but it is worth a shot. Who knows, maybe me & some dude in prison somewhere on the east coast will be on a similar journey of self-discovery. Anything's possible.

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