Friday, July 25, 2008

No Apologies

Ok, I started to apologize for not posting much this week but I had a conversation a few weeks ago with some friends & we talked about when writing in journals/diaries/blogs we would miss a few days/weeks & then write all these apologies. I told them that I had promised myself a while back ago that I would not apologize anymore about doing that. I do this for myself (if other people get something out of it then that is a bonus) & if I can't work it in or have some reason I don't post then it's okay. I'm not going to keep apologizing to myself. I'll just get back on it & try to do better in the future. So, now, on to other stuff...

I didn't go to the gym yesterday because I really needed to clean my house. I cleaned for like 4 or 5 hrs & took something like 3 medium sized boxes & 5 large trash bags of trash to the dumpster. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous. A lot of it was some stuff that I have been meaning to take to the dumpster for a while (old DVD players, stacks of old magazines, boxes & large mailing envelops from packages I had received, etc) that I just don't feel would be right to expect the curb side pickup guy to lug to the dumpster. I don't think it was as good of a work out as I usually do but I did sweat so I know I burned a few calories.

I went to the gym & worked out with my trainer this morning but afterward (& even during), I was feeling really weak & drained. I'm not sure what that is all about; I hope I'm not coming down with something. But I just could not bring myself to get on the elliptical.

Speaking of elliptical, one day this week I had just completed 20 min on the elliptical & was trying to figure out if I wanted to do another 15 -20 min on it or what. I looked down at the stationary bikes & decided I would try to do 5 min on it. I know 5 min doesn't sound long but I tried back in April & it really hurt my knees & was very uncomfortable with my big-o belly. Well, I ended up doing about 17 min. I was so happy. My knees did feel a little pressure but not bad &, belly-wise, everything was fine. Not to mention, that 15 min flew by. Now, I feel like an old woman on that bike (mainly because that's the only people who use it) but I'm thinking about getting a bike for myself for Christmas & I want to kind of get the actions down. I would also like to start trying the Spin classes out soon (maybe once I'm under 200). As some of you know I use to ride bikes all the time when I was a kid but I haven't ridden one in about 10 yrs so I probably need the practice.

One of the guys at work is big into biking & I was asking him about it the other day. He told me that the cities around DFW hold city rides every Saturday between the months of April to October (I think that's right). When I told him I was thinking about getting a bike at Christmas he was like, "But then you'll have to wait until spring." This is true but I'll probably need that time before I feel comfortable riding a bike for the 20 - 30 + miles that they do.

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