Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Shadowlands" (1985) Review

Shadowlands (1985) is the story of C.S. Lewis' life, or at least his life after he met his wife. This was a made for TV version by PBS staring Joss Ackland as C.S. Lewis & Clair Bloom as Joy Davidman. I was kind of disappointed with this film. I thought it would be about his life but it was just about 4 yrs of his life. From the movie, you get the impression that he met his wife, courted her, married her, & her death all in the matter of a few months or so, when in reality it was about a 4 yr span. Her remission stage in reality lasted about 1 1/2 - 2 years but in this film it seems like only a couple of weeks. The movie also did not go on to tell what happened to her two sons later in life.

As a nice little movie about a short part of his life, I guess this was a pretty good movie but I was expecting to find out more about his life so I was a little let down by the abbreviation. This movie was redone in in 1993 under the same name, starring Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis & Debra Winger as Joy Davidson. I've read that there are some misrepresentations in that film also but any movie, in my opinion, with Anthony Hopkins in it is worth watching.

So, would I recommend this film? Sure, it is worth watching on a slow night when you can't find anything more interesting to watch but I would also suggest doing a little research on the life of this theologian before taking anything you learn from the movie as fact. I would give this movie a "C." It was good but I was expecting more.

In case you are interested, here is an article in Christianity Today entitled Into the Shadows in which the two versions of the movie are compared.

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