Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fishin' Trip

We had a great time on the fishing trip. We weren't sure if we would even be able to get the boats out at first much less get any hits at first because the water was so high. Arkansas (& most of that part of the US as you may know) has gotten a lot of rain this year & most of the rivers, creeks, tributaries, etc... are over flowing with the extra water. We did end up being able to go out but we couldn't use an anchor due to the depth & the speed of the water. Of course, Uncle Randy caught his limit (5), I caught one, Kim & Lance caught a few (I can't really remember how many), dad caught two or three, & Kaylee caught two or three. Kaylee caught a large brown trout. The guy we rented the boats from said that they don't stock browns so her's was considered a trophy fish, so we took her pic holding it & then she let it go.

We only rented two boats so Dad, Kim, & Lance were in one & Uncle Randy, Kaylee, & I were in the other. Mom & Granny didn't fish because they couldn't see the sense in buying a fishing license for only a couple of hours of fishing. Aunt Connee went fishing later with Dad & Lance while Uncle Randy boated Granny & Mom around on the lake that afternoon. Meanwhile, Kaylee, Kim, & I took advantage of the pool.

I ended up getting pretty sunburned. That always ticks me off because I never sunburned as a kid. I would get a tan but not burn. Now that I'm older, I think I've lost a lot of my melanin & tend to burn a lot easier. It probably doesn't help that I work nights now either. I guess I am kind of like a vampire; sleep in the day, out all night, & can't take the sun. I did put on lots of sunscreen & kept reapplying it but a lot of good that did. Another problem was that it was so nice & cool that I didn't realize I was burning. It has turned to tan now so that's nice except that I just noticed my right shoulder has started to peal. Lovely.

I did get a little grumpy at night & I do apologize for that if anyone is reading this. With my schedule & all if I don't get my full 8 hrs of sleep each night, especially on the weekends, I get very testy. So again, I'm sorry. Anyway, all & all we had a great time. And it was great, us all being together again.


Sara said...

Oooo ouchie, that sunburn looks painful.

Connee said...

Nice picture of the cousins, esp. you! Love ya Aunt Connee

Connee said...

Great pic of the cousins, esp. you!
It was fun and if you were grumpy it wasn't in the big cabin!!!
Love ya!