Friday, July 18, 2008

Who in the world taught Kristy math?

Ok, if any of you are watching my total loss of weight, you are probably wandering who in the world taught me math. There are a couple of reasons for this.

When I first started doing this, I got my starting weight at the gym. Since then I've been using a scale in a closet at work. I do occasionally weigh on the one at the gym just to see what the difference is. The gym's scales weigh me about 2 lbs heavier but when I weigh at the gym I always have my tennis shoes on. I still think the scale at the gym is probably more accurate due to the one I'm using is as old as the hills but it is more private & I really don't care as long as I'm having to slide the little weight to the left.

Another reason that my total's haven't added up in the past is that have been keeping up with my weight on different websites & some of the websites round up & that got me off in a couple of places so that was annoying.

Anyway, I'm really not that bad in math & just got confused a few times. :)

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