Wednesday, February 25, 2009

VA chaplains can no longer pray "in Jesus name"

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VA Senate Kills Reversal on Chaplain Prayer - A setback in Virginia for state police chaplains who want to pray in the name of Jesus.

The Virginia Senate has killed legislation that would have reversed a requirement that chaplains offer non-sectarian prayers at public events.

Last year, six chaplains resigned after police Superintendent Col. Steve Flaherty ordered that state police chaplains offer only non-sectarian prayers at official events.
Flaherty issued the order because he says chaplains paid by the state should not be promoting any one religion. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine supports the decision. Read Flaherty's statement on chaplain prayers here.
The House bill's sponsor said requiring non-sectarian prayers would establish a "no-God religion." He argued that troopers who volunteer as chaplains should be allowed to pray according to their conscience.

But opponents said allowing state employees to pray in Jesus' name would be unconstitutional.

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