Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Story: "Prestonwood senior's faith an ally in fight against rare cancer"

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Prestonwood senior's faith an ally in fight against rare cancer

The cancer, the doctors have told him, is very aggressive and very rare.

Kristi Novak, his mother, says the doctors believe that attitude, his youth and his unwavering Christian faith will serve him well in the battle of his life.

"Cody, do you want to cry?" the widowed mother remembers asking her youngest child as the news seemed to get worse and worse by the day.

"I have not cried over the cancer," Cody said. "I have cried only over the overwhelming outpouring of concern."

"People always ask me if I am scared," he said. "I'm not scared at all. But there are days when I feel I am in a pit of hell. But life has been a blessing. God has a plan. There is no reason to ask why."

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This is a wonderful story. I encourage you to go to the website & read the entire story. There is also a video clip but for some reason I couldn't clip it.

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