Thursday, February 5, 2009

A bit frustrated/worried/confused

I get on the scale at work pretty much every night. I don't consider it official but once a week but I do it every night out of curiosity, for encouragement (if it drops a bit), & kick myself in the bootay (if it goes up a bit).

Yesterday morning, I got on & it said I was up 2 lbs. I figured this was because I had eaten a larger than normal (still quite low cal, just more in quantity) meal & had drank approximately 40-50 oz of water by that time. I mean, 2 lbs is a lot to gain in one day, it had to be a fluke.

So, tonight I decided to hop on again. I ran 20 min today & walked 10 burning close to 250 - 300 calories, not to mention, I only ate about 1200-1300 calories today & drank approximately 90+ oz of water today. I had to have lost that 2 lbs at least, right? Wrong, apparently. Again, I am 2 lbs up from Monday night. What is going on?! Is this just the recklessness of the weekend catching up with me? Am I not weighing myself correctly? Did I misread it on Monday? Is something wrong with this scale? I don't know.

Granted, I have gotten up earlier over the last couple of days, so time-wise, I'm weighing later in the day than normal. In addition, I've had 1 cup of chili, a 10-12 oz coffee drink, & about 50 oz of water prior to weighing. Maybe this is to blame. I certainly hope so. I guess another culprit could possibly be the fact that this week I seem to have finally gotten back into exercising, even intensifying it a bit.

Man, I hope these last two days are just a fluke.
I just weighed again. Yes, I know it has only been about an hour, however, in that hour I lost a pound (which means I'm still up a pound since 2 days ago...whatever). Isn't weight loss fun?

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jinxxxygirl said...

Me thinks maybe you get on the scale too often. I hop on maybe 2-3 times a week just to keep track. I used to get on once a day,never more than once a day though as soon as i get out of bed before anything passes these lips. I figure thats the most accurrate. But sweety your body is changing all the time. Maybe you had just a little more salt than usual, maybe your close to girly time, Two days ago i weighed in at 183 and i was like oh crap , this morning it was back to 180. Could be muscle too. If you've been working out more. Even after a year of losing weight i still don't completely understand this body. I probably never will. But i'm learning to love it just the same. Hang in there girlfriend. Your gonna make it!Jinx!