Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Charity is the new smoking?"

Charity is the New Smoking?

What manner of insanity has crept into our President's mind? What sense outside of a Machiavellian power grab does President Obama's consideration of cutting tax deductions for charitable donations make in a time of economic difficulty?
And of course, the sane people who rationally describe that this move will curtail charitable giving are mocked. Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic rhetorically asked, "If tax reform down the line were to gut all deductions, would charitable contributions totally dry up?"
And then you get the dry humor. "If wealthy people want to give money, then they should give, regardless of tax benefits."
So they're in effect saying that the wealthy should give. But should and will are very different considerations. And since when is it ok for the government to moralize about what people shoulddo?
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