Thursday, February 5, 2009

News: "British Nurse Suspended for Offering Prayer"

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British Nurse Suspended for Offering Prayer - A British nurse has been suspended and could lose her job for offering to pray for one of her patients.

Caroline Petrie, a home-care nurse of 25 years from Somerset, England says she didn't actually pray because the patient refused the offer.

Her employer then suspended her without pay, saying she failed to demonstrate "personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity."

Petrie said she was shocked by her job suspension.

"First of all, I hadn't upset the patient. And also, I didn't feel there was harm in asking a question. It's not forcing my Christian faith on my patients," Petrie told the BBC.

Andrea Williams, the founder and director of the Christian Legal Centre, said Petrie's case is a major concern.

"It is extraordinary, that these policies which purport to ensure tolerance are ushering in a new form of censorship and intolerance which should concern us all."
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Christians have always been persecuted. We have enjoyed several hundreds of years where Christianity was actually was fairly "safe" from persecution but I am afraid that those days are over. Christ told us that as the end times draw nearer, His followers would be persecuted, tortured, & put to death. Don't expect the Christian life to be easy. We are at war & we must act like it.

Interview with Petrie

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Anonymous said...

That's bollocks! Reading stuff like this just irks me to no end. I paray that her employer comes to their senses.