Thursday, February 26, 2009

James White discussing Sean Penn's "performance" at the Oscars

I totally agree with Mr. White on this topic.

There is no need to intimidate people because they do not agree with you. You can share your beliefs & opinions but "shaming" people because they don't follow you is ridiculous.

This is a free country, supposedly, & we shouldn't be afraid to go to the polls & vote our conscious.

I may not agree with your views but I'm not going to berate & ridicule you for your choice. My convictions are not a reflection of how I view another person. I may not agree with one person's lifestyle but that doesn't mean that I can't be friends with them or love them. Even Jesus fellowshipped with tax collectors & prostitutes. Are we not called to do the same? Granted you should be of enough spiritual maturity that you are not swayed to their lifestyle but one should never be made to feel as though God does not love them.

Having said that, God is not only a god of love but also of wrath (which Mr. White touches briefly on here), but that is an entirely different blog that I have been wanting to write but it may be a long way away. It takes great tact & research to talk about God's wrathful & jealous side. So, don't be looking for that anytime soon.


Mr. White had to repost the above video due to "copyright infringement." Since you can find the clip that he used quite easily, he believes YouTube took it down due to his statements being controversial. I've seen this happen a lot on YT but I'm not completely convinced. Even a couple of my videos have been removed for the same claim but again, you can find the bits I've used on YT also & I didn't have controversial discussions in my vids. Either way, below is the repost.

If you want to view a clip of Sean Penn's acceptance speech, here is a video of that that Mr. White linked to in his video.

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