Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I think it is getting pretty close to being official, I think I'm getting sick, again. I have had the same stupid upper respiratory thing so many times this year. Twice in the summer, once over Thanksgiving, once over Christmas, & no telling how many times in between. I use to never get sick this much. I totally blame it on the less than stellar air quality here in dear old DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex). Another, reason I'm dying to move away from here. :P

I'm not exercising this week (I'm trying to take it very easy on myself & not get myself to breathing too deeply), drinking a ton of water & Yogi teas (Throat Comfort & Echinacea Immune Support) and trying to stay away from dairy (increases mucus production which aggravates cough & increases running of nose).

Blah. :P

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