Friday, October 24, 2008


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Pig Pee Plates
(Images via madnzany and eco-modernist)

1 billion pigs, 90,000 tons of urine daily. With all the bacon and pork chops Americans eat, there’s a lot of porcine pee to divert. Pig urine contains urea, which is already in use in many products (it is used in de-icing formulas, among many applications). Researchers have created a bioplastic from the urine, but it is not as great as one might think. For starters, when the bioplastic breaks down in landfills, it releases methane. The inherent problems associated with meat production are not alleviated, either. What’s more, bioplastic still requires the use of some petroleum-based plastic, meaning recycling facilities are going to have a hard time getting equipped for this new hybrid of plastic. The Danish scientists are undeterred, however, envisioning pig skyscraper cities where all waste is harnessed for reuse. Production on plates begins soon.

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Paul's Thoughts said...

Your right Kris there are some seriously strange and eerily weird facts in that snippet of pig info. I mean, the idea of eating off a plate made out of reconstituted animal waste makes me squirm, sequence and shiver with a twitched in my cheek. Thanks to those Danish scientists, thinking green has taken on a whole new meaning for me now!

kris_tea said...

LOL, thanks, Paul. Yeah, no kidding. Ick. I'm all for protecting the environment but there are just somethings that should not be done.