Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Amazing Planet: Ice, Ice, Baby

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15 Epic Water and Ice Formations and Phenomena

Frozen Water: Small-Scale Ice Formations

Ice Shelves
Ice Caves
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Frozen Water: Grand Scale Ice Formations


Iceberg B-15

The world’s most famous iceberg, known as B-15, was originally part of the Ross Shelf but broke off (or “calved”) in 2000. It then broke up into three still-massive chunks, one of them - B-15A - being the largest floating object in the world at 17×76 miles in size. It continued to sail on, breaking up further and engaging in several collisions along the way. It lodged in McMurdo Sound in 2005, and its presence was significant enough to prevent proper ocean current action that normally breaks up sea ice in McMurdo. In 2006, a powerful wave traveling all the way from Alaska broke up B-15A into further smaller pieces and it was hailed as “the death” of the world’s most famous iceberg.

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