Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have totally been slacking the past two days on doing my "4000 Questions" blogging. I just really have not felt up to much lately.

I think it is steming from my experience with fatigue from a couple of weeks ago. Although I've been feeling better, I still haven't felt 100%. In fact, over the past week I've been in a funk. I've been in a bad mood, I've had a bad attitude about everything, & people & situations have been getting on my nerves more than they ususally do. Last week, I blamed it on my period but that is over & I'm still moody.

Yesterday, I had to stay over about an hour & a half for some stupid meeting. The meeting wasn't that bad as far as work relates "meetings" go & they were nice enough to schedule one at a time that would be somewhat convienient for night shift workers, but, like I said, my attitude was less than stellar. I was annoyed at just about everything they said & did. I refused to smile & I was just waiting on them to ask me something so I could tell them where they could put their stupid ideas. Yes, I know, very "Christian" of me.

I know this "attitude" has little to do with the meeting, or the people running it, or even the fact that we had a busy night & more to do with what is going on in my body right now. I'm not sure if I'm still having a nutrition issue or if I'm just not getting enough sleep or if I'm over doing it or if all the processed foods I eat are finally taking it's toll on my body or if it is something else. I was actually worried a little last night that maybe depression was starting to rear it's ugly head once again & actually considered going by a vitamin shop this weekend & picking up some St. John's Wort. I've never really been sure if it works like it claims but it might be worth a try.

I'm feeling much better tonight. I think I've finally caught up on my sleep (even though the "experts" say you can't "catch up" on sleep). I still feel a little weird in my head (kind of a vertigo type feeling that sometimes occompanies sinus issues) but my mood seems to have stabilized a bit. I'm actually considering making an appointment with my doctor for another physical (lab work & discussion, basically) since it has been about 6 or 7 months since my last one & with all the exercising & weight I've lost there is no telling what they might say. If I do make the appointment, I'll probably mention this funk I've been in even if I'm better when I go, just to see what he/she would say about it.

I say "he/she" because my doctor is a man but his PA is a woman. I would actually rather see her than him anyway. Not that I don't like him, I just started this whole thing with her & she is a runner & would love to talk to her about that. Also, since she does work out quite a bit & really pushes nutrition &, I think, holistic healing more than pill poping, I would like to get her thoughts on organic vs processed food diets & what types of vitamins she thinks I should be taking.

I'm not one of those granola-eating, tree-hugging, hippies that most people here in the South associate organic food eaters with, but I do think it is probably a smarter way to eat. I don't believe I'll ever go exclusively non-processed foods but I do want to try to limit it as much as I can. I have several friends who have taken this road & swear by the results. They feel healthier, sleep better, & have more energy.

I don't feel ready to do this just yet & when I do, I won't just one day throw everything out & buy all organic. I am going to try to shop once a week at Sprouts right now & try to swap out some of my normal foods. I also want to try to start adding at least one whole fruit into my daily menu. I have started drinking a low sodium V8 once a day since I have such a hard time getting in my veggies. I recently bought some apples & a couple of oranges. I also bought some pears. I tried a pear when I was in college & thought it quite boring but maybe now that I'm off most sweetners & drinks & fruits taste way sweeter, I'll like it. We'll see.


Nat said...

slow and steady wins the race :D and rome wasn't built in a day.

In response to your other comment, I kinda feel that although we all haven't met yet that we're going to be friends for life you know? And YES if you ever get the inkling that you'd like to see New York, I'll totally take a bus ride up there and meet up with you & Sars :P She actually lives in the area where I went to school. I just feel so much affinity for everyone

kris_tea said...

Haha, you're cracking me up with the quotes, Nat. They are true but ever so frustrating, right?

Shanti M said...

You two! :D

I think that you have to more in those damn baby steps we're always talking about ;) No-processed eating has somehow changed my identity, and I like it.

Find what's right for you - like you said.

What's wrong with eating granola and hugging trees??? :P ROFL
No, I know what you mean.

kris_tea said...
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