Friday, October 3, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #40: Would you consider yourself well-behaved or badly behaved?

Just as a reminder (although I'm not much different, behaviorally, than I was then), this is still in the "Childhood" section of the book.

So, on to the question. I was a stellar child. You probably think that is a joke or bragging. It is neither, it is just the truth.

I had fantasies of rebelling but I was too afraid of disappointing my parents to do something too bad.

The worst things I can remember doing is hiding my vitamins from my mom (deceit) & not "giving it my all" in school (laziness). Kim made straight A's all through school but she worked hard for those A's. She would bring home hours of homework every night & study like crazy. I usually tried to finish my homework between classes or at lunch or during study hall, unless it was a bigger project like a research paper or some science project. I rarely studied for tests. In fact the only ones I ever actually remember studying for were chemistry tests & spelling tests.

When I was in kindergarten I never brought homework home. In 3rd grade, my teacher took me out into the hall to lecture me about not doing my homework. If I didn't get it done at night I had to stay in from recess & finish it, which was a great deal for me, I got to avoid the bullies that tortured me. Still I made pretty good grades. I usually had all A's & B's. There were a couple of times where I had C's & I only had one F ever. Something a little ironic though is my senior year in high school, I made all A's & it actually made me want to work harder. Go figure. Can you imagine what kind of grades I would have had if I had actually put a little hard work into it.

There were a couple of times when my mom or dad had to spank me but it usually had to do with talking back or not eating my veggies. Once, in high school, mom got really upset with Kim & me because it was a half day at school so we went & hung out at a friend's house. We thought she was in school that whole day so we didn't bother to call her & let her know where we were. Boy, did we get a tongue lashing for that. Whew.

Other than that & the basic childhood issues (not cleaning my room & arguing with Kim) we were pretty much perfect behaviourally.

We didn't go to parties (except my graduation party in which most people drank but I just stood around pretending I was much cooler than I really was), we didn't sneak out of the house, didn't drink, didn't do drugs, never tried to smoke, we didn't sleep around (we never even dated much), we always called (except that one time) if we were going to be out later than we expected, we were responsible with most things, etc...

What can I say? We were perfect, at least compared to most people I've known. I'm afraid if I ever have kids they will not be as good as me & I don't think I could deal with a rebellious child.

[Bottom Pic: Me, Kaylee (our cousin, another perfect child), & Kim]

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