Sunday, October 19, 2008

TV Review: Eleventh Hour (American Version)

Eleventh Hour (American version), is a remake of a British TV show with the same name. The first episode of the American version was identical to an episode of the British version. So identical that they even used the same lines, down to the quirky little nuances & improvised comments. How annoying is that?! Were they at such a loss of interesting stories that they had to steal directly from the BBC?

The second episode was a new idea, at least out of the ones that I've seen on the BBCA. However, the acting was atrocious. It was like they had taken the entire town, with no acting experience what-so-ever & filmed them. The only redeeming quality was Rufus Sewell who played Jacob Hood. However, Sewell is British & true to recent Silver Screen antics, any British actors miraculously speak with an American accent when on American TV. This always aggravates me. I mean, if they want an actor who speaks with an American accent, then hire an American actor, or else let the man/woman use his/her real accent.

The British version (starring Patrick Stewart, aka Capt. Picard) is very good. I've really been enjoying it. However, the American version lacks much to be desired. I really hope they get it together but I'm not putting much faith in it. Shows that cross "the pond" never seem to do well here, with the exception The Office. Unfortunately, I just found out that the BBC only produced 4 episodes of this show. Too bad.

The British version is very science minded & implies religion, or any other theory for that matter, as a primitive mind set, which annoys me but it is still a pretty good show.

The site Eleventh Hour Facts tries to factually explain what happens in each episode. I think that is pretty cool. I haven't really looked over the site that much but the intention behind it is great.

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