Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disappointment, Part 2

Whenever disappointment enters our lives, the first question to slip past our lips is, "Why?"

Christians are no different in this either. We cry out to God, "Why, Lord?! Why did you let this happen?!" And, there is rarely an answer, at least one that we accept. We seldom see the meaning behind our disappointment until days, weeks, months, or years later, and many times we never understand.

As Christians, we believe that there is reason behind our misery even if you never see or understand it. It is comforting to know that someone else, someone bigger than myself is in control during what seems to be such chaos & confusion. I may not understand everything & I may not see the "big picture" but it is nice knowing that there is One who does.

But, what would life be like without disappointment?

There is a song by the group +44 that I really like. It is called Little Death. I'm not exactly sure what the song is about, precisely, but the music & vocals are quite pretty if you ask me. Anyway, there is one line in the song that really hits me & seems to hint at one possible reason for many of life's little disappointments. It says, "A little death makes life more meaningful." I love that sentiment. That may sound a little morbid to you but I think it is beautiful.

"Death makes life more meaningful." It is true, though. Isn't it? What would life be like without death?

How do you understand anything without something to compare it to?

How would we know what a good day is if we had never experienced a bad one? How could we enjoy a tasty meal if we had never partaken of a bland one? How would we understand achievement if we had never failed? How could we ever experience joy if we have never felt disappointment?

While I do believe there are other reasons that we experience disappointment (ie. punishment, to learn humility, to learn patience, to make us stronger), I kind of like this way of looking at it too.

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