Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God's perception is not the same as mine.

Something I've been thinking about lately.

God's priorties are nothing like our own. So, are we screwed up or is it God who has it all wrong? Well, I'd be willing to guess it isn't God.

I have never really thought of myself as being one of those money obsessed people. I don't have any debt (that I know of) except my car (which is about to be paid off) & I only work as required to keep my job (aka, I am no work-a-holic). However, due to a recent hiccup in my life lately which I will not go into right now, I have realized just how important money is to me. Not so much "money" itself but the pride of having at least that area of my life together (aka, no serious debt & a great credit score compared to my peers).

Due to this recent "hiccup," which could affect my credit score if it turns out it is legit, I have been seriously stressed. I've lost sleep & it has litterally been making me sick to my stomach. It isn't the money. If there is some debt that I owe on, I'm sure I can pay it. What I'm concerned about is my credit score. What will I look like to some banker if/when I go to buy a house?

And then, while getting ready for work, God says to me, "So what?"

"Well, God, that could make it harder for me to get a loan or cause me to pay more later on."


"So?! Are you kidding me?! That's a BIG deal!"

"Is it? Is that what is so important in life? Is that the life I called you to? A life as a slave to money & money concerns?"

That's it isn't it. I have made money my master. I have made it an idol. I have put my good financial status up on this pedestal & lovingly gaze on it whenever I think about it.

So maybe there is this mysterious debt floating around out there. So what? There's nothing I can do about it now. If I ever receive paperwork explaining what this debt is & if it is legit (which may not be case due to this company making this claim having a history of illegal practices & scamming people), then I'll cross that bridge when I come to it but until then I should praise God for the blessings He has afforded me so far in this life.

All during last week's stress, I was thinking about Job (which is kind of "ironic" since my parent's preacher spoke on Job on Sunday while I was there). This little situation hasn't quited those thoughts anymore. Now, I'm not saying my worries are anything near what Job went through but it is the message of Job's story that I keep thinking about. "In the midst of a bad day, praise God, anyway." Not always an easy task.

We don't always understand the valley's we go through but God looks at life differently than we do. If you are a Christian & you go through some rough patches, count it as a compliment from God. I know that sounds like a poor reward for following Christ, but God will never give us something that He does not know we can handle with Him. He does often give us things we cannot handle on our own, but if we lean on Him we can. When Satan approached God, He even mentioned Job to Satan.

God wants to bless us but His relationship with us is more important to Him than money, relationships, or anything else that this flawed world can offer us. Don't let hard times get you too down, you can morn, the Bible says so, but when they do come, allow God to work through you in the situation & deepen your relationship with Him.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts. You really are a special young lady. My prayers are with you and April Rose. Pamelajac