Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek XI

Star Trek XI was a great sci-fi action film. I can, however, certainly see how many die-hard Trekkies have not cared much for this version of their beloved franchise.

The casting for this film was phenomenal. The only thing that kind of annoyed me (but I got over it quickly) was the casting of Spock. Now I believe that Zachary Quinto was & is the most logical choice for Spock. However, they casted him as being the same age as Captain Kirk. Granted, I have not seen many of the original series but I was always under the impression that Spock was much older than Kirk. Vulcans age much slower than humans. I just thought this was a bit off from the original story.

I think the biggest complaint that Trekkies will not like is the diverged from the original story. Basically, the way this film ends makes the following episodes & movies story lines obsolete.

I have now downloaded the original Star Trek series on my Netflix/X-box. I am actually, at this very moment, watching the first episode. It makes me even more amazed at the amazing job they did at the casting in this most recent film. Not only are the similarities in appearances astonishing but even their basic manerisms are perfect.

Of course, the ship is a bit more modernized in the new film but still quite recognizable. While I was watching the new movie, I wondered why all the women crewmen were wearing dresses & why they were so short. I mean isn't this supposed to be the future? Are women still expected to dress that way in the future? Then it dawned on me, the original series. Being made in the 1960's, mini-skirts were the hight of fashion & women still didn't wear pants much then. I guess this was their way of staying true to the original. However, now, watching this original series, I would like to point out that the newer women's uniforms are not near as short as the 1960's version. :)

I would totally recommend this film. I would give it a solid "A," if not an "A+."


jinxxxygirl said...

Girlfriend when i saw that you had reviewed Star Trek. I'm like i sure hope she liked it cause i LOVED it!LOL! I'am a huge star trek fan. So i was nervous going to this movie. They had to walk a very fine line to make this work for the masses. For me there was enough similarities to make me happy and enough new stuff to make me say 'OH Wow!" I think the guy they picked to play kirk was perfection! I too questioned spock and was not thrilled at first but he grew on me and i think he did fine. It always amazes me how that franchise usually picks such perfect people to play the parts. Even the guy who played Bones( the doc) was perfect. I love how the star trek movies always come across like they are all old friends. So comfortable with each other, like its not even acting just the real thing. Even these newbie actors gave you that feeling toward the end of the movie. Bravo!
Next up: Angels and Demons! I'm so there! Jinx!

kris_tea said...

Oh yes, I loved it. I thought the casting for Spock was perfect even the first time I saw a preview for this film, however, I think them portraying him as the same age as Kirk was a little off.

I CANNOT wait for Angels & Demons. I thought The DaVinci Code was a fantastic book then when I read Angels & Demons I about passed out. Fabulous books. I thought Ron Howard did a great job with The DaVinci Code, I hope this one lives up to my expectations.