Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4000 Questions: Question #47: Can you describe your first punishment for doing something bad?

First off, I would like to confess I am innocent on all charges.

One of the first spankings that I remember getting came when I believe I was in kindergarten. I wanted Skittles for breakfast. Sounds reasonable, I know. I mean, how many times have I been told that the healthiest meals are those full of color? What has more color than the rainbow?

Anyway, mom said no. And, according to the plaintiff, aka mom, I proceeded to make some kind of "face" at her. And, as most of you know, when you make a "face" at your mother, all Hell breaks loose. It was on. The flyswatter magically appeared in her hand & my arm was in the grip of her other. Knowing this was not the most desirable position to be in I decided to high tail it out of there. Again, never a good idea. At this point, I imagine the scene to look something like all those old western movies where the cowhand it breaking a horse. In one hand, the cowboy is holding a rope attached to the horse's reins & a whip in the other hand. The horse runs in a circle as the cowboy cracks the whip behind the horse. I was that horse. I was running in a circle while mom spanked me with the flyswatter.

LOL Too bad we didn't have cameras back then. Of course, now days some liberal nutcase would probably scream child abuse & my loving parents would be thrown into prison for teaching me respect. We wonder now days why no one has respect for each other. Maybe because parents are too scared to discipline their children or have been brainwashed to think you can actually discuss with a child what they did wrong. Granted, you can do that with some children but it is a VERY small fraction of the population. Am I scared from that experience? Am I a worse person because my parents practice corporal punishment? Do I hate my parents now as an adult? No, no, & no. In fact, I believe I am a better person because of it & respect my parents for teaching me to respect authority.

Ok, enough of my stance on that. I know I had received punishment many times before that but that instance was the first I thought of & a quite humorous story in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

My Momma always has a wooden spoon or flyswatter close by, even at my age, she still reminds me that I am not too old for her to whip. LOL

kris_tea said...

LOL I love it Sade. :D

Kay said...

You did not need many spankings. You were a fast learner. I couldn't be prouder of you!!!

Kay said...
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kris_tea said...

Mom, I probably deserved more than I actually got. Hehe. Thanks. :D