Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weigh In #53

Week loss/gain: +0.5 lb
Total loss: -67.25 lbs


jinxxxygirl said...

You had a really busy week! And a half pound gain with all that going on is not bad at all! Yeah on the spin class. I've taken three so far. I take the one they have 3pm on Sundays but i haven't been able to make the past few Sundays. I really think it helped burning lots of calories. And its something my body is not use to so it should respond well.
Sorry to hear about your knee and postponed 5k. But its probably the safest thing to do. I wear one or two knee braces when i run depending on how the old knees feel. If i'm running flat road i don't wear any but if there are hills or i'm really trying to pick up my speed then i will wear at least one. It stops the little twinges and makes them feel more secure.
Beautiful flowers! And your cat is SSsOOO cute! Hit the ground running or walking or whatever this week. Had your fun time to get back on track! HHHmmm ....am i talking to you or me??? LOL! Be good. Jinx!

Veiled Glory said...

For the muscle cramps: Eat your banana or drink OJ for potassium. Also consider taking a magnesium tablet along with your calcium supplement. Twitchy-ness and knotted cramps in your legs is a sign of magnesium deficiency.

When you do run your 5K, its a good thing to have someone waiting for you just in case you cramp up and to hold your stuff.

kris_tea said...

Jinx, yeah, I think I already lost that & some now. Hopefully, I can keep it off this week. Hehe.

I'm kind of sucking this week on the exercise because I haven't had much sleep this week & I'm just exhausted. Last week I missed quite a few hours of sleep & I think my hormones were running a bit rampant & the stress of this being my last year in the 20's all culminated to produce some pretty nasty mood swings on Thursday & Friday so I don't want to go through that again so I'm kind of taking it easy this week. :) Gotta love birthdays, lack of sleep, & hormones all at once. Hehe

kris_tea said...

Veiled, thanks for the advice. I really wish I liked bananas. My mom said that was a food I was obsessed with as a child but now even the smell of them turns my stomach. I do love OJ though, good idea, I had forgotten about that. I'm terrible about taking my vitamins so I need to definitely get back on that.

You're right about having someone hold my stuff but the real reason I want someone there is for the support. Thanks for reading/watching. :)