Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christian Persecution: "British Worker Suspended over Christian Beliefs"

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British Worker Suspended over Christian Beliefs

David Booker, 44, who works at a Christian hostel in Southampton, England, was asked about his faith by a colleague last month. He reportedly told her he was opposed to same-sex "marriages" and to homosexual clergy.

The next evening, Booker was suspended from his four-year job. The hostel reportedly told him the action was taken for “events that happened last night." A few days later, he was told he had “seriously breached” the charity’s code of conduct, “ and action had been taken “to safeguard both residents and staff."

Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst at Focus on the Family Action, said the incident highlights what's beginning to show up in America.

"Where laws granting special rights to homosexuals bump into religious freedoms and freedom of speech, religion and speech lose," he said. "Christians are being bullied into silence simply for voicing disagreement with the homosexual agenda."

Booker faces an inquiry and a disciplinary hearing.

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