Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Year Anniversary at 24 Hr Fitness

I thought my paranoia while filming in the parking lot was hilarious so I left a few of the bit in. :)

Total loss for the year: -67.75 lbs

24 Hr Fitness


Kim L. said...

Yay, Kristy!!! I couldn't be more proud of you--you are truly an inspiration.

jinxxxygirl said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow! You've done great girl! And three miles without stopping! Wahooo! Aren't you signed up for a 5k run? Couch to 5k? Who needs the couch when you can already do a 5k! You've come a long way baby! JInx!

kris_tea said...

Thanks Kim & Jinxxy. :)

Molly said...

You look great Kristy! you're such an encouragement!