Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weigh In #36

Last week I said I wasn't going to post anymore videos here, just the links to them, due to people stealing the videos & using them maliciously. Well, I've decided phooey on them. I imagine if they have the knowledge to do all that, then they know how to get my videos off the net other than using the embedding. Besides, what do I care. I mean, I don't want them to make fun of me but, really, what does it matter. I know how hard I've worked & how far I've come. Those who make fun of people for who are fat are just ignorant, low caliper people & people with any class don't waste their time on them . Really, not posting my videos here just injures those who find it more convenient to view them here. So, anyway, here is this weeks video. Enjoy. :)

Wow, it took me 2 days to get this vid uploaded. AAaaaarrrhhhh!!!!

Weekly loss: +0.25 lb (as of Monday)
Total loss: -58.5 lbs (as of Monday)

As of yesterday, Wednesday (12/17/08), I am officially down 60 lbs. Yipee!!! That is in 8.5 months. Not too shabby. :)


jinxxxygirl said...

HI Kris tea!! Yeah 60pounds GONE!! Thats sooo awesome!Don't you worry about that running. It will come. The important thing is you are still making that appointment with yourself to get out there and try! If someone would have told me 10 months ago that i would be running three miles with out stopping i would have called them crazy! The best i could do was jog the distance between telephone pole. You can do it, You WILL do it if thats what you really wanna do. Get some rest!Trust me the housework will wait for you. LOL! JInx

kris_tea said...

Thanks jinxxygirl. I really should go run today but I feel like my cold is coming back & I sure don't want to push it since I'll be staying with my parents for about a week & a half over Christmas. So I'm taking some alergy meds & I'm not going to push myself.

I feel bad about not exercising but I know I'll feel even worse if I get sick again & can't exercise for a couple of weeks.

The housework has been waiting for about 9 months now. No person should live like this. I'm going to end up on one of those tv shows if I'm not careful. Besides, since I've cleaned a bit, I'm much more relaxed & happy in my apartment & since my kitchen is clean, I feel much more like cooking now. :)

I want to buy a house in a year or so & I keep thinking to myself, if I can't handle the responsibility of a one bedroom apartment, what makes me think I deserve the responsibility of a whole house. So, I'm trying to act like an adult & leave behind my irresponsible, selfish, childish days behind. :) Thanks again.