Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movie Preview: Defiance

I'm not sure what the deal is with WWII/Holocaust movies coming out right now but Defiance looks great. What seems even more interesting is that it takes a different story all together. People always think, "Why didn't the Jews fight back? Why didn't they stand up for themselves?" I think there were many who did &, for the rest, maybe they didn't believe things would have ended up as they did. Many probably thought that everything would blow over in a few weeks or months or didn't really believe that such atrocities & prejudices could exist in a civilized time. I see judgment & discrimination of Christians in today's culture & wonder if we are not headed down a similar path. It is hard to find the line between trying to be meek & not allowing Christianity to be made into something that it is not.

I really did not mean to go off on such a tangent. All I wanted to say is that this seems to be a movie showing how at least one group of Jews chose to fight back.

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